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Laser-opaque and water-removable. Therefore Aqua Spacer is perfectly suited for all CAD/CAM applications and also appropriate as spacer for castable ceramic systems.
Aqua Spacer can be removed easily and gently on the dies
just using a brush and running water.

CAD/CAM technique:
The parts treated with Aqua Spacer will be scanned trueto-      
detail. The scanned resultshows more exact details and
therefore the milled object fits even better.

Castable Ceramic systems:
Aqua Spacer is applied as a usual die spacer and before fitting the all-ceramic crown it is removed under running water.

Seal the die with Pro-Die Hardener.
Paint the die. Thickness of the layer: approx. 15μ. If necessary, apply twice.
Allow the die to dry for 15 minutes and finally seal with the special separating liquid.
Sculpture the crown with wax for castable ceramic systems.
Wash-off Aqua Spacer under running water. Place the crown onto the die.
Completed ceramic crowns without showing disturbing colour effects that might result from colour intense die spacers.

Aqua Spacer A – 20 ml
Aqua Spacer B – 20 ml
Aqua Spacer C – 20 ml
Aqua Spacer D – 20 ml
Aqua Spacer Pure White - 20 ml
Separating fluid – 20 ml
Thinner – 20 ml 

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