VIPI Cryl Plus Heat Cure Acrylic


Thermopolymerizable Acrylic Resin for Denture Bases.
It is applied to Removable Total Denture, Permanent Total Overdenture, Removable Partial Denture and Rebases.
  • Selected raw materials;
  • High molecular weight;
  • Excellent mechanical properties;
  • The range of colors is the most complete in the market;
  • The color scale in gum form;
  • Selection and control of pigments;
  • Appropriate packaging for use of the supplied measuring utensils and the conservation of the product;
  • Acrylate free;
  • Low water absorption and low residual monomer.
  • Handling and application easy;
  • Attend all variables of colors;
  • Ease of choosing the color to use at work;
  • High color stability;
  • Prosthesis uniformly polymerized;
  • Absence of porosities.
  • More resistant prostheses;
  • Excellent results aesthetic;
  • Natural smile;
  • Unmatchable brilliance;
  • Quality assurance of the prosthesis.

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