LUXOR CERAMIC SR 852 - Ceramic Furnace


The SR 852 “Luxor Ceramic” is the latest generation furnace for firing ceramics, it is managed by an electronic control designed to extremely simplify and ease-up the technician’s work in all the working cycle phases.

Here are the main innovations introduced by the electronic control: a very powerful16 bit microprocessor; a frontal Encoder for the input and research of both data and functions; a “Flash” type memory which can be re-set and updated by the operator through Internet (this allows the possibility to update at any time the furnace with the latest software version); the LCD Display backlit by a blue light which improves contrast and clearness of the images.

The furnace can memorise up to 100 programmes, with 15 functions (variables) per programme, can manage vacuum levels and regulate the cooling speed. All these features along with simple and rugged mechanics make of the “Luxor Ceramic” a very flexible furnace perfect to fire any kind of ceramic.

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