Bio-Art ProFace Face shield with magnifying lens


Face shield with magnifying lens

The ProFace Bio-Art with magnifying lenses is an optical instrument developed to be used in the enlargement of images with the objective of facilitating the visualization and improving the performance of the professional in technical procedures, at the same time being a Personal Protective Equipment for possessing a visor to protect the user's eyes and face from spills of liquids, aerosols, dust and particles in general.
Its physical characteristics meet international quality standards: excellent visual performance, ergonomics, lightness, practicality, easy cleaning and maintenance (changing visors).
• Ergonomic design and light;
• Practical to use and clean;
• Easy maintenance for changing visors;
• Exceptionally transparent.;
• Excellent visual performance;
• Lenses with high abrasion resistance;
• Magnification: 2.5x and 3.5x


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