MiYO Liquid Ceramic


MiYO Liquid Ceramic
24 jars and 1 liquid all uniquely designed to create beautiful & detailed high-end esthetic effects for your zirconia & lithium disilicate monolithic restorations.

  • Highly opacified colored glazes used to reproduce mamelons
  • Medium opacity colored glazes used to create a “Halo” effect on incisal edges
  • Translucent colored glazes used to replicate incisal & cervical translucency
  • Translucent A, B, C, D range based colored glazes used to easily match Vita® shades
  • Translucent colored glazes for raising and lowering value
  • Unique viscosity structure pastes used to build structure & surface texture. Structure pastes contain layering materials that fully glaze when fired but retain fine surface detail. Structure pastes exhibit a light scattering effect similar to layered enamels but in thicknesses as little as 0.1mm which make them ideal for monolithic restorations
  • InSync Glaze Paste
  • InSync Glaze Liquid

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