SR 862 Luxor Press ceramic Furnace


LUXOR PRESS - SR 862 - Ceramic Furnace
The SR 862 "Luxor Press" is a furnace suitable for ceramics obtained through "Press-injection" after having heated the solid ceramic up to its plastic state. The ceramic injection process is done through a mechanism operated by compressed air.
The injection pressure can be regulated with a manual pressure regulator, supplied with a manometer for the visualization. The furnace must be therefore connected to the air compressed system of the laboratory or a compressor.
In the firing cycle all variables related to Press-injection can be set, the furnace is therefore suitable to fire all types of ceramic. Furthermore, the SR860 Luxor Press is also suitable to fire all types of normal ceramic, which means a full time utilization of the furnace in dental laboratories.
The electronic control manages 80 programs for the firing of "normal" ceramics and 20 programs for "Press-injection".

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